Baloch "victims of torture" remembered in anti-Pak protests held in Germany & UK

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Protests in support of an independent Balochistan were organised in Germany and the UK.

The Free Balochistan Movement organised the anti-Pakistan protests to mark the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture and to inform people about the ongoing state brutalities against the Baloch people.

The protest in Germany was held on June 25 in Dusseldorf old city region and in the UK on June 26 outside the Amnesty International UK human rights action centre in London.

The Free Balochistan Movement said, “It’s not only Balochistan but the whole world is currently affected by the extremism of Pakistan. “The Free Balochistan Movement has never accepted the illegal and forcible occupation of Balochistan by Pakistan.”

The Baloch nation, despite being weak, is the only force that is resisting its occupier. “The world powers are acting improperly and instead of helping the Baloch people, they have left Balochistan at mercy of these fundamentalist states which is reprehensible and worrisome”, it said in a statement.

The Baloch people are currently fighting not only for their national survival but also for the survival of humanity because Pakistan and Iran’s alliance with China in no way can be considered a good omen for the region.

Balochistan and the Baloch people have paid a heavy price for the resistance and they are still paying the price for upholding their culture of resistance.

“The inhumane methods being used to deter the Baloch national struggle are becoming a dark chapter in the history of humanity. Pakistani and Iranian state violence, carnage, enforced disappearances, military aggression, mass executions, in-custody killings and recovery of mutilated dead bodies of previously disappeared Baloch, mass graves, and deliberate demographic changes are just some of the atrocities that one cannot even imagine in the 21st Century but the Baloch are victims of such crimes,” said the Free Balochistan Movement.

The international institutions which were established to prevent such crimes by hostile states are also unable to fulfil their responsibilities when it comes to Balochistan.

It said, “Tens of thousands of Baloch are currently enduring inhuman torture, mistreatment, humiliation and starvation in torture cells of Iranian and Pakistani savage security agencies and military”.

“The mutilated bodies of thousands of Baloch disappeared persons have been found, and hundreds have been extra judicially killed and executed on trumped-up charges by Iran. In the past two months, Iran has executed more than 25 Baloch including the mass execution of 12 Baloch including a woman in one day,” said the FBM statement.

The Free Balochistan Movement has announced these protests on International Day in Support of Torture victims to inform the world about states’ atrocities against the Baloch nation and to highlight the dangers that the Baloch nation is facing under Iran and Pakistan’s occupation.