Stefanos Tsitsipas causes another reaction on Twitter - "Cities should plant fruit trees for the homeless to eat"

Stefanos Tsitsipas

The short break of Stefanos Tsitsipas between tennis tournaments gave him the necessary time to deal with Twitter as he provoked once again reactions with his latest post, which was surely well intended.

Shortly before the Wimbledon premiere, Tsitsipas won the first title of his career on grass.

Now he has has titles on all three surfaces (dirt, hard, grass) and with his appearances in Mallorca, he seemed ready for the big challenge of Wimbledon.

This is his second title in 2022 after winning the Monte Carlo Masters. The Greek tennis star rises one place and returns to No. 5 in the world rankings.

The conquest of the trophy in Spain was followed by a few moments of relaxation. As usual when he has no obligations, he put one of his thoughts up for discussion on Twitter.

"Cities and municipalities should plant fruit trees in public to help feed the homeless on the streets," the Greek champion wrote on Twitter.

Both his Greek followers and foreign fans tried to explain what Tsitsipas meant and how such a thing would solve the problem of feeding the homeless, while others lambasted him.

Some of the tweets that comment on the post of Stefanos Tsitsipas:

Visitors to Greek cities, especially Athens, will notice the abundance of fruit trees that line sidewalks and easily accessible for anyone to grab and eat from.

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