New damage to Hagia Sophia – Marble floor is broken

1 month ago

New images of damage to the Hagia Sophia has caused outrage and anger, this time due to a cleaning machine being used inside the cathedral-turned-mosque breaking the marble floor.

With the headline: “Marbles were broken in Hagia Sophia”, Cumhuriyet talks about: “Endless martyrdom of Hagia Sophia” due to the new damage.

“The destruction continues in Hagia Sophia, which has been turned from a museum into a mosque. The historic marbles were broken in many places by the heavy machine used to clean the marbles,” the newspaper notes.

The X-ray machines at the entrance of the monument, which have not been operating since it was turned into a mosque, have been activated for two weeks.

Officials continue to warn women who enter without a headscarf, as well as those who attempt to enter with indecent clothing. However, it seems that there is no concern for its effective protection.

As the article notes: “It is visible that the marbles that were already broken in some places and are on the imperial route at the exit door, have been broken in other places as well.”

A tour guide told Cumhuriyet that: “When Hagia Sophia was a museum, visits were made with great respect. At the moment, its interior looks like a festival.”

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