Real Housewives star Caroline Stanbury victim of robbery in Mykonos, Greece


Real Housewives of Dubai star Caroline Stanbury claims she was a victim of robbery whilst holidaying in Mykonos, Greece with her husband, reported MSN.

According to the media outlet, Stanbury claims the robbery happened just three house after she arrived in Mykonos with her husband former Real Madrid player Sergio Carrallo,  and her 16 year old daughter, Yasmine.

Per MSN, upon their arrival, the family discovered the house, which she says was "in the middle of nowhere," had no cell phone service or security system. Because of this, they decided to move to another property. As she and Carrallo returned from dinner on Saturday to get their bags and move to a different villa around 11:30 p.m., she says they discovered a chilling scene.

"I was laughing with Sergio that it was so remote. It's such a scary place to go. But I was like 'What if someone's in the house?' Can you imagine? No one would hear us," she recalled saying. "And he opened the door and went 'boo' to make me scared as a joke."

"All our bags that we had left by the door to move were open all over the floor," she says. When they saw lights on upstairs, they "realized that there was someone still in the house," which she admits, was the "scariest part."

"They took my husband's wedding ring, which he's absolutely destroyed over," she added.

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