Tourist in Crete almost choked on melon in a tavern - See how he was saved

Crete Chania choke

Moments of unrest unfolded in a tavern in Crete as a tourist almost choked from a piece of melon.

The unfortunate man gets up from his seat and fights to breathe. Initially the owner of the tavern runs, but cannot help him.

The solution came from a young man, who in fact, recently, had saved on the beach a couple of Italians who were in danger.

It all happened on June 23, in the area of ​​Plaka Apokoronos in Chania, when Kostas Vasilaras rescued a tourist who was in a tavern in the area and almost lost his life from a piece of melon.

As the young Kostas said, that day he happened to be in his partner's shop in order to enjoy a coffee, without anyone imagining what would follow. A little later, he noticed a man, who was choking on his food.

"I know from first aid and I immediately rushed to help," he said.

"Initially, he was caught by the owner of the tavern who is also my girlfriend's father, but he could not help him properly," Kostas continued. "Immediately, I caught the man, did the Heimlich maneuver and rescued him."

See in the video the moments that unfolded in the tavern, when the tourist almost lost his life.

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