60 people have already drowned in Greece this year

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More than 60 people have drowned in Greece this summer, with most of the victims over 60.

The tragic data was published by the Association of Rescue Schools. They emphasised that swimmers aged 60+ are at risk of death from drowning.

Marios Myronakis, President of the Association of Rescue Schools of Greece, told APE-MPE radio station Praetorio 104.9 FM that last year, out of a total of 336 drowning victims (nationally), 275 people (72%) were in the age group over sixty years.

Most of the drowned were Greeks, a third (30%) were foreigners.

Myronakis recommends: “I would advise all older people – in addition to the usual not to eat or drink before swimming – to go to beaches where there is a lifeguard and heed the advice. If they go to a beach where there are no lifeguards, they should not swim alone.

"They should always be in company. And if there are health problems, then they should not move away from the coast in order to avoid unpleasant situations.”

The president of the Life Saving Schools Association added that if we are swimming on the beach without lifeguards and we see our friend in danger in the water, then “we should not put ourselves in danger.”

"The only way is to use a lifeline. Even improvised. Whatever we give to a person in danger, they will understand that it is for their salvation.

"It is necessary to think calmly when we see that someone is in danger, not to act impulsively if we do not have the ability and knowledge. Think for ten seconds and then act.”

Mironakis pointed out that beaches with sea currents are the most dangerous for bathers.

On the presence of lifeguards on the beaches, he noted that “now the coverage of beaches is 60%.”

Since last year, the busiest beaches have been highlighted across Greece, and 1,000 rescue posts have been set up across the country.

However, every year the actions of municipalities stall due to bureaucracy, and for some districts tenders were not held on time, according to News Beast.

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