Greek Australian greengrocer John Kapiris's message goes viral and urges Australians to locate bargains

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Australian greengrocer has called on politicians and companies to reduce living costs for families and battlers and divulged what they could do to stop soaring inflation.

Johnny Kapiris, who runs St Bernards Fruit and Veg with his wife Leannda in Rostrevor a suburb of Adelaide, went viral with an expletive-laden video posted to Facebook on Sunday.

He attacked corporations for using inflation as an excuse to overcharge for fresh produce, labeling them ‘money-hungry f***s’.

The greengrocer whose rant on fruit and veg prices went viral says Australians warrant politicians and corporations that work to reduce the cost of living for families and people in financial need.

Mr Kapiris explained by cutting the costs of utilities, hardworking Aussies would have more money to spend.

‘The more people have left in their pocket at the end of the week, the more they’ll put back into the economy,’ he said.

‘The government just tells us inflation is going up but they do nothing to actually help us.’

Mr Kapiris said soaring inflation has been hurting ‘families, battlers and pensioners’ the most.

‘By the time they’ve paid more for groceries, they have to go and pay more for bills too.

Mr Kapiris said buying in bulk helped ease the pain of rising produce prices, showing off a range of fruit and veg at his store at lower prices than most other retailers.

Mr Kapiris paid tribute to his ‘savvy’ Greek immigrant grandfather John Kapiris, who brought his family to Australia in 1948, for educating him about the need to look after his customers.

His grandfather first worked at the Holden plant at Kilkenny, saving enough money to buy a farm at Two Wells with his brothers, where they grew tomatoes and capsicums.

When he believed Melbourne vendors weren’t paying him fair prices, he left his brothers on the farm and launched his own wholesale business in Victoria.

He finally opened six fruit and vegetable shops in Melbourne.

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