Kyrgios spits in direction of Wimbledon spectator and labels line judge a "snitch" (VIDEO)

Nick Kyrgios

Greek-Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios had a hard time eliminating his opponent Paul Jubb during the Wimbledon Grand Slam.

He did overcome the Briton eventually - 3-6, 6-1, 7-5, 6-7 (3), 7-5.

Kyrgios got the victory but after the final of the match he spat in the direction of a spectator!

The Australian-born tennis player admitted the incident at the press conference too.

It took just minutes for the Australian to start to get fired up in the match.

one of the line judges reported something Kyrgios had said to the umpire.

Kyrgios then took issue with that, labelling her a ‘snitch’.

He was heard saying: “Has one person today come here to see her speak, no. Why is she doing that? No one person in the stadium has watched her come to do anything. Not one person.

“Know what I mean? I know you’ve got fans, but she’s got none. What did I do? Come on.

“She just selfishly walks to you in the middle of the game. She’s a snitch.”

The entertainment continued as he hit an underarm serve between his legs and then smashed a ball out of the court, leading to a warning.

Kyrgios then smashed down an ace, which was called out by the same line judge in the earlier incident.

The umpire overruled the call, leading to the Australian to tell her to ‘get off the court’.

Jubb was playing brilliantly to take the first set, but that unfortunately was secondary to the Kyrgios show.

There were plenty of heckles and boos towards the world number 45 and he was not entirely happy.

Kyrgios was involved in a lengthy discussion with the umpire that the spectator should be kicked out, to which she politely disagreed with.

It was a thrilling match that went all the way to five sets with the Australian winning 3-6 6-1 7-5 6-7 7-5.

Afterwards, Kyrgios said in his on-court interview: “He played some exceptional tennis at times and the crowd were pretty rowdy today.

“A couple of people in the crowd were not shy of criticising me, so that one was for you – you know who you are.

“I thought I was going to go down there and it would have been a tough, tough loss to take so I am just happy to be through.”

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