Mykonos: The bad "joke" of giving champagne to fish - "Serve it to Muslims" (VIDEO)

Mykonos fish

The businessman Alexandros Aggloupas indulged in a not so tasteful joke as he was enjoying the sea of ​​Mykonos with his friends on the beach of Psaros.

The businessman even wants to expand his circle of friends, giving drinks of champagne not to other guests, but fish that had been caught earlier.

"Let's have some treats," he is heard in the video saying as two store employees are transporting fish to the beach.

He then begins to pour champagne into the mouth of the first - and largest - fish until it empties its contents. Then, he continues his joke, putting the empty bottle in the fish's mouth.

In the background, someone could be heard encouraging the store workers to "give" the fish full of champagne "to Muslims."

According to Islam, alcohol is forbidden to consume.

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