PM Mitsotakis: At no time did Turkey raise issues concerning its own arguments against Greece

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NATO is significantly reinforcing its eastern wing in order to be able to present a deterrent force against any ambitions Russia may harbour against member-states of the Alliance, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in a press conference on Thursday, after the conclusion of a summit meeting by NATO leaders in Madrid.

"The Summit has very great geopolitical significance for the future of NATO, as it settled on the new strategic concept, which updates the priority of the Alliance in the face of the challenges that we will be called upon to face in the coming decade. Obviously, Russia is a strategic opponent of the Alliance at this time and for this reason we are proceeding as an Alliance with a significant reinforcement of the eastern wing of NATO, so that we are able to present a deterrent force against any ambitions that Russia may harbour against member-states of NATO," Mitsotakis said.

Commenting on Turkey, the Greek premier said that at no time in the many discussions held during the summit "did Turkey raise any issue whatsoever that concerned the presentation of its own arguments against Greece," while adding:
"I think this indicates something about how well these arguments are able to stand up in an international environment, such as that of NATO, or whether it is finally a line of argument that is more targeted toward [Turkey's] domestic public opinion."