Fabrizio Alexandros Tzinaridis: The Greek-Belgian Bachelor

Fabrizio Alexandros Tzinaridis: The Greek-Belgian Bachelor

Fabrizio Alexandros Tzinaridis is a Greek-Belgian entrepreneur and media personality.

He has recently launched ‘Divinity Cosmetics’ a luxury cosmetics concept he developed based on top ingredients and state-of-the-art technology inspired by the rich culture of Greek mythology.

Fabrizio had participated in several television programs when in 2022 he was selected to be the Bachelor in the successful television format 'De Bachelor' on the Belgian channel Play4.

Fabrizio Alexandros Tzinaridis: The Greek-Belgian Bachelor

How would you describe yourself?

I would describe myself as a dreamer who’s driven by making the world a better place in the mental space where we all reside. Whether it is through teaching my clients in my coaching programmes or entertaining them on the screen. I have a soft spot for making people comfortable sharing their most vulnerable side. I am ambitious, competitive, loving and caring for those who are dearest to my heart. But also, for those who need and ask for help.

I try to tap into that ravenous source of energy every morning and make the best of the here and now while planning for a wonderful and healthy future.

Were you close to your family and how would that influence you in creating your own?

I am still pretty close to my family. I think I always will be. I was raised in a loving, middle-class family with 3 brothers. My father worked at the coal mines for 20 years and is now retired. He made sure we were raised with all the right values. My mother was a housewife who took care of me and my brothers and made sure we were short of nothing. They have been married for almost 40 years now! My brothers and I all have our own lives now but see each other on Sundays when we come together at the grandparents’ house with the kids. Family will always be an important asset in my life.

At the moment my priorities are not with starting a family but that does not take away the idea of having one of my own days. I do have a 4-year-old son from a previous relationship. He looks just like me. It’s crazy really. So blessed to have him.

Is tattoo art or just a trend that wears off easily?

I personally think tattoos are an art form for sure. It’s a way of expressing yourself in maybe one of the more extreme, but at the same time, most beautiful ways. The permanent factor is something that represents devotion, I think.

As an artist myself, I see so many people who want to get inked every year. Some of them have some of the most touching and tear-jerking stories you’ll ever hear. While some of them just want to look ‘cool’. The diversity is huge.

What are the skills an actor should have?

As a ‘beginning’ actor myself, I think the most needed skill you should master or maybe already have would be empathy, I guess. But also, imagination. Imagination, I think is key to performing. Behind the camera and on stage as well. One of my favourite actors personally, is Jason Momoa. I especially like his role as Arthur in the Aquaman movies. (I let my hair grow out for that reason!).

How has your experience been as the Bachelor on Belgian TV? What made you take on that role?

My experience as the Bachelor on Belgian TV was amazing. I love working for TV. It was quite humbling to be honest. It’s not that I’m not used to female attention from time to time, but this was kind of overwhelming. Even though my adventure did not end with a fairy tale, I made friends and obtained blissful experiences for which I am eternally grateful. I met so many beautiful people who were beautiful inside out. I learned a lot and got to know myself better than before. I'm still open to finding true love.

Fabrizio Alexandros Tzinaridis: The Greek-Belgian Bachelor

Fabrizio Alexandros Tzinaridis: The Greek-Belgian Bachelor

Do you find society supportive of unconventional patterns?

I think society has a difficult time keeping up with all the latest technologies and major changes that are happening in the world right now. But eventually, they won’t really have a choice. Times are changing and we see more and more unconventional patterns appearing in all areas of life. It won’t be easy as so many people are stuck in their original program and a multitude of habits and change feels uncomfortable. But I think we are heading in the right direction if you ask me. Visionaries and entrepreneurs worldwide are introducing us to some major changes that are bound to happen sooner rather than later. I’m pretty excited about it!

How imperative is life coaching in modern society?

Life coaching is something you see more and more often. And I think that’s a good thing. People are getting out of their comfort zone to start life-coaching in the first place. But they also pull other people out of theirs by being a mentor. There are so many wonderful mentors all over the world. Think of Jay Shetty, Rob Dial junior, Bob Proctor (who passed away recently); motivational speakers like Les Brown, Eric Thomas; so many self-help apps and programs like Headspace, Calm; plus Podcasts, YouTube videos and so much more.

Knowledge has never been up for grabs like it is now and through the right application, I think the world could be an even more amazing place. Especially by the right application for the law of attraction.

What is your philosophy behind ‘Divinity Cosmetics’?

Divinity Cosmetics stands for the ‘divine’ experiences we offer whenever we take the time for ourselves to relax. Whenever we take a bath or a long shower but also whenever we relax in our living rooms. To be at ease and enjoy the moment.

The stories behind the products are based on Greek mythology, as are the names. I wanted to provide high-quality products and services like I do in all my projects, but with a little bit of ‘me’ in it. I am Greek of origin myself and I’ve always loved Greek mythology. I think a lot of people worldwide do. There are so many stories, movies and books written about these mythological beings. And since I grew up with the Greek culture soaring through my veins, I had to integrate it somewhere.

Fabrizio Alexandros Tzinaridis: The Greek-Belgian Bachelor

What are some of your recent projects?

Some of my recent projects involve public speaking and coaching but the most amazing project I’m working on is actually moving to the United States, specifically Los Angeles, California, and working there. The American dream.

I’m setting up multiple sources of income to be free in my ways once I arrive in LA. The next step would be focusing all of my energy to attend castings and shoot for a role in a Hollywood movie. This is my biggest dream and has been unreachable in my mind for so long, being ‘only’ a Belgian citizen. But that self-limiting belief has started to fade as I started developing more and more confidence that any human being can do whatever he or she wants. We are all capable of so many things. If you mix that confidence with ‘will’ you can accomplish anything.

What is your life mantra?

I will not let fear and self-limiting beliefs stand in the way of living the only life I have in the most beautiful and fulfilling way.

Fabrizio Alexandros Tzinaridis: The Greek-Belgian Bachelor

Photo credits: Joeri Peeters and Play4

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