Thessaloniki trapper denies allegations of rape against minor - Teenage girl says she has audio evidence

Trapper Saint Thessaloniki

27-year-old Petros Dimou, also known by his trapper stage name Saint, is accused of raping the 16-year-old in Thessaloniki.

Police had arrested him on June 8 following a complaint from the minor. According to sources, the minor alleged to police that she met the 27-year-old via Instagram.

She says that as soon as they met, he drove her in his car and despite her objections, to a secluded location.

Then, according to the girl, who was born in 2006, the 27-year-old, using physical force, kept her in the car and proceeded to perform sexual acts against her will. The incident, according to the same sources, took place in the wider area of ​​Langadas.

Trapper Saint

Who is the trapper Saint?

At noon on Wednesday, the police released the details of Petros Dimos (Saint), by order of the Prosecutor's Office of Thessaloniki so that anyone who knows any information about the incident can contact the authorities.

The young man had been in the news again in January 2021, as, during the period of strict protection measures against  Covid-19, he had shot video clips in Dendropotamos, Thessaloniki, in front of a large crowd, with many people holding weapons in their hands.

The video had been circulating on the internet, as even minors were depicted in many scenes, pointing at the camera with pistols.

Trapper Saint

The accused had then spoken about the incident on MEGA and claimed that "the weapons used were fake for the needs of the video clip. People gathered because they saw us."

"I had gone with 2-3 of my friends, I went out to shoot, and because they saw us they gathered. We could not evict them, they did not leave."

In one of the last tracks, which he uploaded to his YouTube account about 11 months ago and is titled "Respect" , the trapper Saint mentions, among other things, in the lyrics:

"I grab her by the hair, put her in my mouth to hear screams, swallow a little deeper, sugar boy, your mum yells at me too, if you want, call me daddy."

Trapper Saint

New evidence emerged about the rape of the 16-year-old girl.

In particular, the young woman allegedly has a recording on her mobile phone of what happened that fateful night with Petros Dimos.

According to MEGA, the audio document on the rape case is in the hands of the authorities, who will process it to obtain additional information.

It all started after the 16-year-old complained that on the afternoon of June 7 she met the 27-year-old trapper, with whom they communicated via Instagram.

The trapper in his testimony on June 10, allegedly admitted that he exceeded the limits set by the minor, and accepted the charges against him, saying that he ignored the 16-year-old's objections.

He allegedly claimed that he was trying to convince her to meet through messages he sent her on social networks.

"I was pushy but I never raped the 16-year-old girl," the 27-year-old trapper said from Grevena prison.

He admits that he was pushy with the 16-year-old, but does not accept the charges of rape, illegal detention and illegal violence.

"There was neither rape nor abduction. The girl came on her own accord.

"We met twice with her sister and the third time we met alone, while she had told me to meet for half an hour and I went. My cousin was talking to her sister and that's how we met.

"We went out twice, four people together and the third time we arranged by ourselves, with her will, but she said that even though I took her by force, she charges me with rape.

"It showed me that there was a will, I also have some messages on my cell phone that tell me 'when my mum and dad are asleep I can go out," said the trapper to Proto Thema.

He then claims that the girl on the day they met "was positive at first, then at some point she told me to stop.

"I didn't want to, but instead of telling her let's go, I insisted and she made a recording without me knowing.

"This happened in Lagadas, I went and picked her up in the car outside a shop and asked her if she knew any place to go, she said she didn't and we stopped at a place we found by chance and sat in the car.

"At first she was positive and then she told me to stop because she didn't want to.

"In the recording she made with her cell phone without my knowledge, it sounds like I'm not out of control and I'm just telling her to come closer and give me a kiss."


"There was never sex. I then turned her around and left her in the car from where I got her.

"She accuses me of illegally keeping her in the car, while on the recording it is heard that the windows are open and she herself tells me to close them.

"The car I have locks the door locks automatically after a few kilometres. I never made any move to hold her by force.

"In the end she just told me to go back alone and I told her to sit down so that I could take her, this can also be heard in the recording.

"I don't know why she made the complaint, she must be afraid of her parents, that's why she was telling me in the text that she is waiting for her parents to sleep before we go out.

"Also, I told her in other messages to take her sister and go out as four people, but she said she doesn't want to.

"I'm in prison and I'm a mess psychologically as I never intended for all the things they charge me to happen.

"This is very unfair, I've never been in trouble with the law, not even a summons for the car and it's a shame what's happening."

What is trap?

The word "trap" means: "The (rap) genre gets its name from the Atlanta slang word 'trap', a house used exclusively to sell drugs."

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