Kos island stands against Bodrum, says analyst on CNN Türk

CNN Türk Hulki Cevizoğlu Kos Bodrum

He is on his summer holidays in Bodrum, opposite Kos, but appears "annoyed" because the island is "under Turkey 's nose " as analyst and journalist Hulki Cevizoğlu said on a CNN Türk show. He then went on and described the Greek island as "standing like a fish" against Turkey.

"I see from here just opposite to my right side, there is a Greek island. I am opposite the island of Kos. We talk about the issue of the islands that are at six miles, but these islands that have entered our nose, every year we sit and look at them," said the Turkish analyst defiantly, continuing in the same pattern.

"In front of us is the bright island of Kos, a large island. Every day at 20:00 the passenger ship goes there and comes. I notice our ships and boats, they can't even go to the middle of the distance between us, that is, we are squeezed by the Greek island that is opposite us," he said.

Presenting the location of Kos on the map, Cevizoğlu spoke of Greek islands "that have gotten in the nose" of Turkey.

"Now we see the map. There is the island of Kos standing opposite Halicarnassus like a fish. We can say that our homeland is surrounded by sea on three sides, but on two of them the Greek islands have entered our noses," he concluded.

The show presented issues concerning Greece-Turkey relations, making reference again to the issue of the militarisation of the Greek islands and Turkey's constant request for their demilitarisation.

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