Norwegian tourist accuses Rhodes taxi driver of raping her

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The Rhodes public prosecutor ordered the police to carry out a further preliminary investigation into the case of rape reported by a 19-year-old Norwegian tourist, with the alleged perpetrator being a 38-year-old Greek taxi driver who took her to her accommodation.

As the young lady testified, she arrived on the island on Tuesday morning with six of her friends and rented a house, Proto Thema reported.

That same night they partied at a bar on Orphanidou Street, where she met a Swede whose name she does not know and called a taxi for the two of them to go to his Airbnb apartment in Ialyssos.

When they arrived, the Swede told the taxi driver to wait and the Greek showed her his card, which the 19-year-old photographed, to call him if needed.

After the girl had sex with the Swede, they got back into the taxi which left him again on Orphanidou Street and then took to the 19-year-old to her accommodation in Ialyssos.

As the Norwegian alleged, she was sitting in the front seat and on the way the taxi driver started touching her private parts through the short skirt she was wearing. He then stopped on a side street, put her in the back seat and raped her.

She said that she did not react because she was drunk and in a semi-conscious state.

The taxi driver, who did not use violence against her, left her near her home.

He was arrested by police officers and taken to the public prosecutor's office, where he categorically and indignantly denied the accusation.

The 38-year-old claimed, in fact, that he had sexual intercourse with the 19-year-old with her consent and prompting, as she took his hand and put it in her privates.

Finally, he was released until the preliminary investigation is completed, while the Norwegian woman will undergo a forensic examination.

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