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Shots Fired in Athens, two serious incidents

By Gct
2 months ago

On Saturday evening, there were two serious incidents involving guns both in the Greater Athens area. Two wounded, one of them seriously in Kato Patissia and two wounded policemen in the area Ag. Anargyron, the robber was shot dead.

The first incident occurred in the metropolitan area of Kato Patisia when an unknown perpetrator fired and seriously injured a man at the intersection of Georgiou Nazu and Curtido streets.

The person injured in the shooting was taken to Pammakaristos hospital in serious condition, as was the second person, who was injured from a collision with a passing car.

According to information , it all started with the fact that two drivers argued with each other on the street Curtido because of the parking lot. During the conflict, one of the drivers pulled out a pistol and fired at another.

Horrified, the passenger in the second car got out of the car and ran to escape the attacker, causing him to be hit by a passing car.

The gunman who opened fire with a pistol in Kato Patisia is currently wanted by the police.

Another Gun incident took place in the Agin Anargiron area.

The police arrived at the scene after a gas station was robbed on Ag Street. Anargiron 124. The officers tried to block the car but he got away and the police followed him on foot a shootout occurred, and as a result of which the robber was seriously injured. Two policemen were also wounded, one in the leg and the other in the chest. The wounded law enforcement officers were taken to the local military hospital.

The offender later died.


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