Where is the Body of Alexander the Great?

Roman Emperor Augustus visited the tomb of Alexander the Great, painted by Lionel Royer (Image: thehistorianshut.com)

For six centuries, the body of Alexander the Great lay in a monumental tomb in at heart of Alexandria. Then, after a series of disasters, the tomb vanished.

The conqueror's body, however, may have survived...


0:00 The death of Alexander

0:55 Aftermath

2:08 Alexander's tomb

3:20 Disaster strikes, repeatedly

4:53 The quest for Alexander's tomb

5:56 Is Alexander in Venice?

6:22 No, he isn't

7:19 A few scenarios

By the age of thirty, Alexander the Great (reigned 336-323 BCE) created one of the largest empires in history. He never lost a battle and military academies throughout the world still teach his tactics.

Unfortunately, his premature death, at the age of only thirty-two, stopped the further expansion of his empire. As it was with many events in his life, his death too became a source of legends that still excite our minds today.

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