Lefteris Pantazis: I'm ready for a wedding... I never say, never

Lefteris Pantazis

In an interview, beloved singer Lefteris Pantazis spoke about both his professional and personal life.

The singer referred to the new record, which is expected to be released, and to his new successful collaboration with Dj Valentino.

Among other things, he did not reject the possibility of getting married, while he also talked about his daughter's wedding, which will take place next Saturday.

The singer, when asked by the journalist if he is going to sing a trap piece at some point, answered in the affirmative, saying: "Of course, I am preparing a record now for the winter, with 10 songs from all kinds of music. Maybe I have a duet with TRANO. I don't want to tire people, I want to rest them.'

As for the lyrics of the trap songs, which lately have caused many discussions, he said: "We will pay attention to the lyrics."

"It will have nothing to do with what the children say, because they just say it, they haven't experienced it.

"These children are too young to have experienced such situations.

"These are simply signs of the times, coming from America."

Lefteris Pantazis

Following the statements, Lefteris Pantazis talked about the possibility of getting married: "I am very ready for marriage. I'm always ready, for anything. You never know what happens, so never say never. A person can come and give you one on the head and you say I won't be alone anymore."

Closing the interview, the singer talked about his daughter's wedding, which is going to take place next Saturday: "We are ready for the wedding to take place. I am the one who will entertain them, who will take the bride to the groom."

"I've lost ten kilos, I'll lose another two to have room to put it back on", while he also commented on the possibility of becoming a grandfather.

"The grandchild will come at some point."

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