Some 60% of Greek enterprises use social media; Cyprus closer to 80%

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Some 60% of Greek enterprises are using social media in 2021 according to the latest report from Eurostat, whilst Cyprus is among leading EU countries with nearly 80% of enterprises using it on the island.

According to the latest report, more and more enterprises in the EU are using social media. In 2021, more than half of the enterprises (59%) reported that they were using at least one type of social media, which means an increase of 22 percentage points since 2015 (37%).

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The use of social media was most popular among enterprises in Malta (84%), followed by Sweden, the Netherlands (both 80%) and Finland (79%), while it was least popular among enterprises in Romania (36%), Bulgaria (39%) and Slovakia (45%).

Belgium and France reported largest increase in social media use
Compared with 2015, the share of enterprises using social media has risen across all EU Member States but one. The largest increases were recorded in Belgium and France (both +31 pp), followed by Latvia (+30 pp) and Finland (+29 pp).