Amanzoe survives Arson attempt


A luxury hotel in Kranid was evacuated after a big fire raged in the nearby forest.

Some 40 people, visitors and employees, who were evacuated from the hotel were initially “trapped:” at the beach of the hotel compound. they were transferred to safety with boats, local media reported around 9:30 p.m.

According to the Fire Service, the fire caused serious damage to bungalows, but the evacuation operation was successful and without any injuries, report local media.

There are strong indications of arson, report local media.

Confirmed also by an official insider at Amanzoe:

“A forest fire that started this afternoon near Amanzoe, reached our property.

The fire is under control around the hotel. Only one front remains in the forest. All the guests are safe and have been moved to another hotel in the area.

I have just finished inspecting the property and was pleased to see that there is only damage to some pavilions. No villas or resort facilities were affected and no personal property seems to have been damaged.

Significant ground and air forces, public and private, were mobilized to fight the fire and prevent further damage. I am grateful to everyone who participated in this huge effort and of course our incredible staff.

Appreciate all your messages, support and prayers.” -