The fake Greek Rafale pilot patches that caused reactions in Turkey (PHOTOS)

fake rafale pilot patches

In an attempt to create an anti-Greece climate, the Turks are imagining enemies and conspiracies everywhere, even in the rubber patch badges supposedly worn by Greek Rafale pilots.

The pro-government newspaper Türkiye claimed that the logo of the Rafale squadron depicts a turkey in a fez on top of a map of Turkey, running to escape an aircraft that is chasing it.

Around the patch are the words: "Don't run, you'll die tired" and "Hellenic Rafale 'The Silent Death'".

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Except that this specific patch and design is a purely private initiative and has absolutely nothing to do with the Rafale squadron (332M) based at 114 AM in Tanagra, whose official logo depicts the map of Greece with the Greek flag under the gaze of a peregrine falcon.

Rafale squadron (332M) based at 114 AM in Tanagra

Lately, due to the arrival and development of the Rafale fighter jets to Greece, various badges have been printed, from elastic patch badges to even velcro type - purely for collective purposes.

Some of them are particularly scathing towards Turkey and is in response to the ongoing provocations against Greece and threats against the Greek islands.

None-the-less, there are particularly provocative patches that are available online in limited numbers ( and are particularly popular with Air Force enthusiasts.

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Patches with caustic content sometimes work as stimulants for Air Force pilots. However , they are not official signs and logos as contended by Turkish media, who have from time to time released - on a private initiative - patches with themes against Greece and Cyprus.

The Turkish analyst Erdoğan Karakuş, although a retired lieutenant general who knows exactly what is happening with collectible patches, seized the opportunity to accuse Greece of: "a challenge not suitable for any serious country."

He repeated the well-known conspiracy scenarios such as: "Greece, France and NATO is preparing for a heavy campaign against Turkey".

Recently, Karakuş had argued that: "Turkey should not fight with Greece until we produce our own combat aircraft" because of the Greece's air supremacy due to Rafale et al.

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