Serres: Parents ate souvlakia while children were locked in the car despite blistering heat

child locked in car Serres

An unimaginable incident unfolded on Sunday night in the centre of Serres when a Bulgarian couple, aged 56 and 46, had gone for a swim at the nearby beaches and when returning home, locked their four children, aged between two and eight, inside in the vehicle to go eat souvlakia.

Passersby, seeing the children in the car, banged on the windows but they did not react, as a result they called the police, who rushed and broke the glass from the passenger door, taking the children out almost half unconscious due to the heat and offered them water and first aid.

When their parents arrived, who had no line of sight from the store where they were eating to where they parked their car, said that because the children had fallen asleep, they went to eat quickly and would return to continue their journey.

According to ERT Serres, the children remained with closed windows in the car for about twenty minutes.

Their parents were arrested for exposing a minor to danger and at 4:30 in the morning with a verbal order from the Prosecutor were released and made their way back to Bulgaria.

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