The Greek Scouser, Kostas Tsimikas in Skiathos on holidays (video-photos)


Dinos Tsimikas (aka Kostas Tsimikas), the Liverpool star is holidaying on the Greek Island of Skiathos

Tsimikas’s father has been working at Skiathos Palace for many years. The “Greek Scouser”, as he is known in Anfield, was born in Thessaloniki in 1996, but spent his childhood summers in Skiathos and more specifically at SKIATHOS PALACE, since his father, George, has been the head of the department for many years of the hotel’s pastry shop.

Dinos has many acquaintances and friends on the island – and his first move as soon as he arrived in Skiathos was to take a dip at Agia Eleni beach, since he knows all the staff and has family relations with Lambros Sanidas, the manager of the summer beach bar “Agia Elena”.

His permanent haunt is the CARNAYO restaurant, where he hangs out with his manager and his father, George – with constant breaks for hugs and photos with his little fans.