Attica coastal fires dying out following firefighting efforts

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The wildfire that broke out in Greece earlier on Tuesday near the coastal Attica village of Porto Germeno is decaying fast, while some fire pockets have been put out entirely, said Fire Brigade spokesperson Fire Second Lieutenant Rafaela Tzima at a press briefing on Tuesday evening.

However, she pointed out that firefighting forces on the ground and in the air are still operating in the area. An evacuation message had been sent earlier in the day via emergency number 112 to residents in the settlement of Mytikas to make their way towards Psatha.

Concerning other unfolding fires on Tuesday, Tzima said the one that broke out at Agios Ioannis at Corinthia has been partially contained although it is still persisting, without threatening residential areas.

The fire at Kalamaki, in Achaia region, has been contained, she added.

The Tuesday afternoon fire at Pikermi, in Attica, was dealt with decisively within 20 minutes, she noted.

Overall, some 65 fires were recorded nationwide in the last 24 hours, she highlighted.

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