Mykonos: Two watches and $251,800 worth of jewellery stolen from hotel suite

Mykonos hotel suite

Burglars struck a five-star hotel suite in Mykonos and made off with hundreds of thousands of dollars in loot.

According to the testimonies of the two American tourists, who became victims of robbery, the thieves broke into their suite from the balcony door last Saturday between 22:10 and 00:10 when they had gone out to have fun, but without having to break it in.

The investigation that followed by the police authorities found no traces of tampering on all the doors of the room.

Police estimate that the crime must have been done "from the inside", that is, either by employees of the hotel in question, who were in a position to know the valuable items that the tourists had left in the suite, or by persons who followed their movements on the island and knew they had valuables.

Not only watches were taken, but also gold and jewellery, with a total value of $251,800 according to the victims.

All the stolen items, as reported to the authorities by the two tourists , are not insured in case of theft.

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