Plane turbines throws elderly British tourist to the ground outside Skiathos airport (VIDEO)

Skiathos airport

A video of a 61-year-old English woman who was thrown to the ground by aircraft turbine gases was published by Skiathos Life.

The 61-year-old woman, as can be seen in the video (with the arrow), is on the coastal road next to the sea, several metres away from the wall and the terrace but exactly in the same line as the turbines of the aircraft.

Watch the video of the 61-year-old’s injury:

She is seen raising her hands and shortly after throwing herself into the sea, where she suffered head injuries that led her to the Volos hospital.

In the video, it is clearly seen that another younger woman falls to the ground, luckily unharmed.

Fraport’s announcement

In a statement, Fraport states: “We would like to inform you that Skiathos Airport “Alexandros Papadiamantis” is an international airport of European standards, which is certified in accordance with current legislation.

“Regarding the incident that took place on 07/05/2022 and which concerns the injury of a 61-year-old British woman, who was there to film the take-offs of aircraft from Skiathos Airport, it is clarified that this occurred outside the Skiathos Airport “Alexandros Papadiamantis”.

“It is emphasised that the airport management and operating body has taken all the necessary security measures within the concession limits, and therefore also the airport, and anything that takes place outside it is not subject to its responsibility. ”

This, however, is not the first time an accident has occurred at Skiathos Airport.

On June 19, a 79 -year-old man who was walking on the road next to the Skiathos airstrip saw the plane was landing, but he estimated that he would be able to get away from the scene.

He quickened his pace, but without success. From the gas wave of the plane, the man was thrown into the sea at a distance of 10 metres from where he was.

Watch videos of impressive landings and takeoffs in Skiathos:

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