Snik relaxes in the arms of his new beloved Giwta Iwannidou (VIDEO)

Snik Giwta Iwannidou

Snik is enjoying the love and tranquility at the side of Giwta Iwannidou.

The trapper, after his separation from Iliana Papageorgiou, has a new relationship with Giwta Iwannidou.

The two of them have certainly been inseparable lately and do not hide their love.

These days, the couple was seen outside of Athens vacationing at a luxury resort.

Snik Giwta Iwannidou

The couple's love story

Snik's relationship with Giwta Iwannidou became known at the beginning of June, with the young model from Thessaloniki stealing the limelight.

The 23-year-old works in the catering industry and at the same time takes photos and participates in video clips.

In fact, she has also posed for the brand of Ioanna Touni, as the photos on her Instagram profile "testify".

With a quick look at her Instagram profile, one can see that the young model loves to travel and these days she is enjoying her holiday with Snik in Santorini.

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