Yeni Şafak: "The US continues to accumulate weapons in Alexandroupolis"

Yeni Şafak

The presence of the US in Alexandroupolis disturbs Turkey, with the pro-government media every now and then bringing to the surface issues related to the strengthening of the US military presence in the region.

Under the title: "New accumulation (of arms) in Alexandroupolis", the Yeni Şafak newspaper refers to the recent docking of the giant American transport ship ARC Endurance in the port of Alexandroupolis, where it unloaded more than 2,500 military vehicles and equipment, including tanks and personnel carriers.

“The US, which conducts military activities in five regions of Greece, Skyros, Salamina, Kastelli, Kalamata, Andravida, continues to deploy in Alexandroupolis, which it uses as a logistics centre," the article notes.

"The giant transport ship ARC Endurance, which docked at the port of Alexandroupolis last weekend, unloaded more than 2,500 military vehicles and equipment.

"It became known that after the ship's departure, it will return to Alexandroupolis loaded with new military equipment."

A retired Brigadier General spoke to the newspaper and commented on the intense activity of the US in Greece.

"The Americans are sending the message that they will protect Greece from Turkey, with the bases and equipment they have installed there," said the retired military chief.

"There are no clauses in the bilateral agreements that allow Greece to uses, the US power in question against Turkey. But in a possible tension and ground operation, Turkey will face US forces in the region," he added.

The retired brigadier general pointed out that a Turkish military operation against Greece in Thrace would not make sense, due to the narrowness of the space.

He emphasized that the presence of the USA in the region is an assurance to Greece vis-à-vis Turkey.

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