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Apartment living can be challenging and restrictive but if you live in an apartment with a small balcony or terrace that looks a little depressing and dull, you can easily and cost effectively, transform it from glum to glam.

Confined spaces shouldn’t discourage you from decorating or filling the small area with outdoor furniture and décor pieces, it can completely enhance your quality of life. A Mediterranean aesthetic will not only lift the mood and have you reminiscing about your favourite Greek island but will also bring the Greek summer to your balcony…all year round!

Small Balcony Greek Island Decor


Small balconies can deter one from decorating, finding the décor task too daunting, therefore leaving the outdoor area lifeless, colourless and featureless. Decorating a small space, just like decorating a large one, simply requires ingenuity of design and a good eye for what works and what doesn't. And while the focus is naturally going to be a little bit different when you're working with less square footage, the general rules of design are pretty much the same. A small space doesn't have to be a challenge!

Small Balcony Greek Island Decor


Following the expert advice and tips of Greek architect Spiros Soulis, who appears regularly on Greek television programs with his popular home makeover segments, you too will be able to completely redesign your outdoor living space. Under his professional direction, he will advise how to make the best use of space in a not-so-spacious area.

Small Balcony Greek Island Decor


Spiros specialises in strategic design, making his online home and décor magazine one of the most popular in Greece. With the guidance of the style guru and his step by step video tutorial, your balcony will have you and your guests feeling like you're on a Greek island!
"New video every week and what you don't like... Together we'll change it", says Spiros and urges you to leave your comments below the videos by writing your ideas about what you want to see on his channel. And who knows... your idea might become a video!

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