ALEXANDROUPOLIS: American Marines filled the streets, emptied stores, got tattoos and ate 7,000 eggs!

Alexandroupolis Marines

More than 1,000 marines were transported by the gigantic US Navy's USS Arlington to Alexandroupolis a few days ago, a city that has become a geostrategic hub for the US and NATO.

Restaurants filled up, store shelves emptied, and even the city's tattoo studio opened at 9 am - this is what Giorgos Alavantas, a restaurant owner in the area, said.

In fact, even eggs have run out!

"Yesterday, 1,500 people had breakfast in Alexandroupolis and ate eggs, sausages and bacon. Yesterday, 6,000-7,000 eggs were needed. In other words, we don't have eggs."

The American marines were amazed by the quality and prices of the Thracian food and within three days the city ran out of rib eyes, steaks, fillets and burgers.

Another restaurant owner in the area, Vassilis Siklafidis, said “they have gone crazy. They keep telling us that they haven't eaten nicer meat."

"They have travelled many cities and come here and ask us what kind of meat this is, especially for the local meats, our fillets.

"And for the prices they see, they say 'are you sure, are you sure it is that price?'

"I say 'yes', and they find it incredible, excellent and delicious, and the value for money for them is very honest."

For his part, Giorgos Davis, owner of a grill shop, said "a soldier who came to me to eat quickly because he was in a hurry to get on the ship, we served him and the bill was 8 euros. He paid 8 euros by card and left 10 dollars for the waiter."

The owner of another restaurant, Michalis Xelaroudis speaking to Thrakinet TV said that it was an excellent three days, there were people from early in the morning. All the city's shops, restaurants, cafes and mini markets were full of people.

As reported by SKAI, 15 buses were rented and ran routes from the port where the American warship arrived to the city, transporting the Americans who wanted to eat, drink and shop.

The American soldiers also got tattoos in Alexandroupolis.

In fact, some of the American soldiers even wanted to get tattoos and had contacted the tattoo artist in the area beforehand, who was also open on Sunday in order to be able to serve them!

The owner of a tattoo studio in Alexandroupoli, Nikos Katsoulis, said: "a week, ten days ago, the messages started coming in droves. From 9 in the morning, he was outside. We already cancelled large tattoos. We told them that we would make small ones and they got one small one each. They travel all over the world, so tattoos are crucial for them to have a memory when they grow older to say that they passed through Greece and I got this tattoo."

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