Nick Kyrgios parties in London as if he won Wimbledon

Nick Kyrgios party London Wimbledon

Nick Kyrgios may have missed out on his first grand slam singles title, but that has not stopped the Greek-Australian from partying in London as if he won the whole competition.

The 27-year-old suffered a 4-6 6-3 6-4 7-6 defeat to Serbian superstar Novak Djokovic in the men’s singles final on Sunday evening, making headlines for his trademark on-court antics and tantrums.

Despite falling short of the grand prize, Kyrgios will return home with $A1.8 million in his bank account, reported.

And it didn’t take long for the Aussie to start splurging, partying with friends and family at exclusive London nightclub Dolce.

Kyrgios, who was accompanied by girlfriend Costeen Hatzi and sister Halimah, was filmed celebrating at the swanky South Kensington club a few hours after his Wimbledon defeat.

In videos uploaded to Instagram on Monday morning AEST, scantily-clad models dressed in tennis-themed outfits held up sparklers and delivered bottles of expensive champagne to the high-profile patrons.

Kyrgios, meanwhile, was dressed very casually and appeared to be enjoying his night out despite the loss to Djokovic, wearing a black hooded sweater and still donning his favourite cap.

While getting ready for the trophy presentation on Centre Court, Kyrgios changed into his red Nike cap — once again knowingly breaking Wimbledon’s strict all-white dress code before receiving his runner-up silverware from the Duchess of Cambridge.

Players are required to wear clothing that is almost entirely white from the time they enter the arena at Wimbledon to the time they leave the court, and Kyrgios had been pulled up by a reporter for disregarding protocol after his fourth round win over Brandon Nakashima.

Told he’d receive a fine for his fashion faux pas, he responded at the time: “I do what I want.”

That attitude extended all the way to the decider and his meeting with royalty. The Duchess of Cambridge is the royal patron of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club — so would be well aware of the rules — but Kyrgios still dared to don his red cap when she handed him his trophy on Centre Court.

Following his five-set win over Nakashima last week, Kyrgios shut down a journalist who tried to press him on the issue during a media conference.

Reporter: It’s interesting your comments earlier about the controversy that just seems to materialise around you. We all know the Wimbledon dress code rules are very strict. Competitors must be dressed in suitable tennis attire that’s almost entirely white - and this applies from the moment in which the player enters the court surrounds. Why then would you walk on to centre court with bright red trainers on and do an interview in a red cap?

Kyrgios: Because I do what I want.

Reporter: So you’re above the rules?

Kyrgios: No. I’m not above the rules.

Reporter: So what is it? They don’t apply to you?

Kyrgios: I just like wearing my Jordans.

Reporter: But there are rules specifically against that. I don’t want to spoil the surprise but the referee’s going to be speaking to you about it.

Kyrgios: That’s OK. I’ll wear some triple whites tomorrow.

Reporter: But that’s fine then. No one else, in both draws, wears …

Kyrgios: But no one else - even after Wimbledon - no one else really walks with Jordans on the court.

(Moderator tries to interject)

Reporter: Sorry, but Nick has just moaned about the controversy that surrounds him.

Kyrgios: I haven’t moaned. I love it.

Reporter: So you just laugh it off then?

Kyrgios: Yeah, it’s just more attention for me. What’s that saying? Any publicity is good publicity, right?

Kyrgios: Federer ‘makes you feel really bad’

Reporter: If you say so.

Kyrgios: Keep doing you then champion.

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