Mykonos: Two 22-year-old female tourists tell police that they were raped

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Two reports of rape have been made in recent days in Mykonos for incidents that happened over the weekend.

In the case of the 22-year-old Danish tourist, she met the man who was to haunt her - until that moment - carefree summer vacation in one of the bars filled to the brim every night in Mykonos Town.

The unknown man was described to the officers of Mykonos Police as about her age, about 1.80m tall.  black hair, dark eyes and wearing black pants and a red t-shirt.

She said that he was kind to her at first and told her that he comes to the island almost every summer, that he travels all over the world and to the best places, and that his parents have a lot of money, which allows him to be financially comfortable and do things he likes.

The young tourist formed a good opinion and therefore trusted him to take him to her hotel as it was difficult to find transport at that time.

According to Proto Thema, the man did actually take her to her hotel, in the Argyraina area, and against her will force her to have intercourse with him. Due to his physical strength, the 22-year-old was unable to resist.

When the unknown man finished, he left her hotel and she ran to the police to report the incident yesterday morning at 8:50. The assailant is being sought by the police.

Unfortunately, there was also another reported case of rape, again by a 22-year-old, but this time from England.

The second incident concerns a woman from Preston in the north of England. The young tourist reported to the police that an American tourist, aged 30, from a wealthy family living in the suburbs of New York, whom she met last Saturday afternoon in one of the island's shops, raped her in the room's toilet at the hotel where she was staying with her friends for a few days vacation.

In particular, the 22-year-old told the police that together with the 30-year-old American tourist and a group of friends, they went to her hotel to apparently continue their fun.. But when they entered her room, the 30-year-old, according to the 22-year-old's statement, followed her to the toilet.

The young English tourist told the police that he forced her to have sex and that she tried to push him away, but she was immobilised due to this strength.

Her alleged rapist was arrested, but he denies the accusations that the 22-year-old made against him.

The 22-year-old underwent a forensic examination and a case file was made against the alleged rapist, who has appeared before the Syros First Instance Prosecutor.

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