DJ Krazy Kon becomes godfather on the Greek island of Corfu -EXCLUSIVE


Greek Australian DJ/Producer Krazy Kon and his wife Angela Daris became godparents to the baby boy of  Greek singer Konstantinos Koufos and partner Margarita Papaioannou.

The christening took place on the island of Corfu on Sunday 10 July at the church of Panagia Ipapandi.


Known for his love for Greece and the hit Greek mixes, Australia’s leading Greek DJ and producer, released his milestone 25th album in the iconic Greece Mix Series last year.

“I wanted the milestone album to be stacked with non-stop hits. This year we had a great selection to choose from and big tracks from Argiros, Ferris, Papadopoulos, Sabonis & Theodoridou were a must. We were successful in getting the licensing for them and putting together an awesome track listing,” he told GCT.

Research has shown the therapeutic and mood-boosting benefits of music. Amid the Covid-19 crisis, music was playing an integral role in lifting our spirits, helping us manage stress and connecting us with others.

“Thank God we had music during the difficult years of covid. Music is the ultimate form of escapism, a form of release from hard times and helps us remember the simple enjoyment in life. A lot of artists had been writing and releasing music during the lockdown,” DJ Krazy Kon added.

“On a personal note, putting this album together was a great distraction for me with what was going on around the world.”

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