Mykonos: Turkish swimming champion was robbed of gold, clothes and cash

Kemal Gürdal

A new incident of theft is being investigated by Mykonos Police, this time with Turkish swimming champion Kemal Gürdal and his friend Serhat Sen, who is a well-known make-up artist in Istanbul.

The two men stayed in a residential complex called 9 Islands in the Kounoupa area of ​​Mykonos.

Kemal Gürdal and his friend Serhat Sen

Members of the notorious gang of burglars that plague Mykonos broke into their rooms last Saturday when the two Turkish tourists were on the beach and then in Chora.

When they returned, they found absolute chaos as the burglars ransacked their bedrooms, taking literally everything - from underwear, swimwear, shirts, pants, jewellery and whatever cash they found inside the rooms.

Turkish swimming champion Kemal Gürdal, who took part in the 2012 London Olympics, told the police that the burglars took 7,500 euros in cash, 3,000 dollars in cash and gold, and clothes with a total value of 70,315 euros.

According to the police, the assailants managed to enter their residence through the balcony door using a sharp object, possibly a screwdriver.

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