Serena Williams loves the sights of Athens - Learns more about the Olympics

Serena Williams

Serena Williams, along with a plethora of other celebrities and sports stars, also chose Greece for her summer vacation.

The top tennis player was in Athens with her husband Alexis Ohanian and their daughter, Olympia, and together they visited the sights of the city to learn the history of Greece and the Olympic Games.

The family was at the Acropolis, but also the Kallimarmaro Stadium.

Serena even made sure to share related videos on her personal TikTok account and introduce Greek culture and history to her followers.

She appeared in the video with her family posing in front of the monuments and explained to her audience exactly what she sees in each snapshot.

From all indications, the holder of 23 Grand Slam titles is enjoying her vacation to the fullest and looks excited about the sights of Greece.

Watch the video:

@serena A moment in Athens, a lifetime of memories💫 #familyvacation #summer2022 ♬ GREECE - TAVERNA - Cavendish

Elsewhere, Patrick Mouratoglou worked closely with Serena Williams for many years and he understands how she works and it's quite similar to Novak Djokovic.

The legendary status of Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams is known to man in the tennis community yet French tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou had a chance to observe it from close range.

He worked with Serena Williams for many years guiding her to many grand slam trophies and recently had a chance to watch Djokovic use his facilities multiple times.

Speaking about them in a recent Instagram video, Mouratoglou broke it down:

"Champions, they have the mindset and the mindset builds the tennis. So it’s all about the mindset. And this is true for everything. Whatever you do, if you have the right mindset you are gonna make it. Some players that I know they are champions in their minds."

He continued about Djokovic:

"I remember Novak. He was 17. You don’t think wow! His tennis is incredible! No, but the mindset is unbelievable. He has the ultimate mindset of a champion. Same as Serena. So they develop their tennis."

He finsihed off by explaining what a coach does for a player: "Our job is to help people process in a way that it makes them become what they want to become. Because they all want to succeed.

"But they have no idea how because they don’t know how they should process.

"You need to feel confident that you are going to make it. Otherwise, you will never ever try because you’ll be too scared to fail because everybody’s scared to fail."

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