The real "Wolf of Wall Street" is in Mykonos

Wolf of Wall Street Mykonos July 2022 Cristina Invernizzi Jordan Belfort

Wearing a black swimsuit and with his wife Cristina Invernizzi next to him, Jordan Belfort did not look like the uninhibited stockbroker who made it big on Wall Street before he was arrested by the FBI for market manipulation.

He was smiling and enjoying the tranquility on the 'Jackie O' sunbeds on Paradise Beach in Mykonos.

The "Wolf of Wall Street", as everyone knows him, arrived on the "Island of the "Winds" a few days ago and according to Proto Thema is staying at the Santa Marina hotel.



Today he went for a swim at Jackie O, while in the evening he relaxed in his hotel.

Four days ago, this brilliant but unscrupulous one-time stockbroker celebrated his 60th birthday.

His life was brought to the big screen by Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio gave a stirring performance as Belfort.

The one who made unimaginable money, organised wild parties in the offices of his brokerage firm and became addicted to cocaine.


He was arrested, went to prison and when he got out he returned to a normality that he was not used to and to a new life.

His personal fortune is estimated at one hundred million dollars, which allows him to enjoy the Mykonos of extravagance to the maximum extent.

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