Yifan Zhang: Restoring Ancient Ways

Yifan Zhang Restoring the Ancient World

Yifan Zhang's recent artworks, piece of a collection that he calls 'Restoring Ancient Ways', is laden with themes inspired by Ancient Greece and has piqued the interest of the art world.

Born in Zhejiang Province, China, Yifan Zhang studied Arts and Western oil painting at University and has combined his own Chinese culture with Western culture to create his own unique and sophisticated style.

Yifan Zhang: Restoring Ancient Ways

Yifan Zhang: Restoring Ancient Ways

How much does your culture reflect and affect your art?

Both of my parents are artists. I was influenced by Chinese painting since my childhood. When I grew up, I majored in Arts and studied Western oil painting at University. I combined Chinese and Western culture and after years of hard work, gradually formed my own style.

Who are you the biggest artistic influences?


What is art for you?

Art can make my heart beat fast and my life more fulfilling: Speaking of art, it may seem strange to many of us. In fact, art is in our life all the time. We just don't notice it. For example, when you fall in love, you always hope to have a beautiful picture to express your feelings, which is an embodiment of art in life. If you sometimes feel very uncomfortable in your heart and feel very stressed at work, listening to a piece of music will make you feel extremely relaxed, which is also the embodiment of art in our life. From the above examples, we feel that art is great, it makes love smoother, but also makes our life full of sunshine. Art will make your heart stronger. So, when you are consciously engaged with art, then you realize what the power of art brings to the heart. This is the charm of art and the reason why we all need art.

Yifan Zhang: Restoring Ancient Ways

Yifan Zhang: Restoring Ancient Ways

Is art important to our society?

Yes, it’s very important. Art can beautify people's life; Art can give people spirit and power; Art can give people vision and hope; Art can change the history of society and show mankind a better life prospect!

Are there some trends that have influenced your current artwork?

I think the past influences my work a lot.

'Restoring ancient ways' has different characteristics in different times. Victorian designs were full of elaborately carved typefaces and overlaid symmetrically complex textures that we thought were "retro"; In the Dadaism period, most of the designs were grotesque pictures and disorderly typesetting, which we think is also "retro". The medieval era, with its bright colors and expressive illustrations, is also "retro".

Do you use some specific materials or tools?

No special tools are used, they are all common painting materials and small tools in life. Just use the right tools for different effects. Sometimes a screwdriver is even used.

What have critics, collectors and buyers said about your work?

They all loved it and thought it was special and amazing.

Describe the ideal working environment and ideal selling environment?

I want to create artworks that I am interested in because only interest can support me to make good achievements in a long career, to meet every challenge in my work.

The most suitable sales environment is where you and prospective customers have mature roles, both can be calm and free to communicate. At this point, people can open up their hearts to each other and get a win-win result.

What are some of your future plans?

I would organize my studio properly and create more special and astonishing artworks.

Is it a specific art piece you want to create so you’ll be remembered in history throughout the years?

Of course, I think that's what every artist wants to do, and I'm working on that.

Instagram: @dy_yifanzhang

Yifan Zhang: Restoring Ancient Ways

Yifan Zhang: Restoring Ancient Ways

Yifan Zhang: Restoring Ancient Ways

Yifan Zhang: Restoring Ancient Ways

Yifan Zhang: Restoring Ancient Ways

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