Greek Orthodox Community of NSW takes stance on US Abortion ruling

diadilosi amvloseis

The Greek Orthodox Community of New South Wales, Australia,  has issued a statement on the US Supreme Court decision to remove the constitutional right to abortion, a decision it condemns, as  "it restricts women's human rights and choice and takes us back to medieval times."

"The US Supreme Court decision to ban abortion sparked protests around the world. This
decision revoked Americans’ constitutional right to abortion, overturning 50 years of

"Thousands of people have descended on major cities to demand access to safe

"There are many unwanted pregnancies that women are forced to suffer because of war,
rape, incest or changing living conditions and should be able to control what happens to
their bodies and have the autonomy to decide whether to have an abortion or not.

''Women deserve support and not censure or opprobrium for making decisions that are in the best
interests of their health and life circumstances." read the statement.