Turkey's A TV: "Hagia Sophia has become a target for the uneducated"

Hagia Sophia Damage

Turkish network A TV reported new vandalism against Hagia Sophia, stating that the monument has become a "target of the uneducated". After the destruction of the Imperial Gate, the walls and the marbles, now metal plates (emblems) has become the focus, which decorate the main entrance.

"Once again Hagia Sophia became the target of the uneducated," the A TV reporter stated. "You will remember that in the past they caused damage to the imperial gate, the walls and the marbles. So now one of the emblems on the door of Hagia Sophia has disappeared."

"First it was the imperial gate, then the walls and marbles and now the emblems. Every side of Hagia Sophia is sacred and that's probably why someone took it home.

"We are next to the imperial gate which is one of the most important points of Hagia Sophia. Right next to the gate is a very sad picture.

"See there are many emblems but one of them does not exist at the moment. Either it was stolen or it disappeared."

A Turkish citizen also spoke in the report, stating that he is disappointed by the vandalism that has taken place at the monument recently.

"It really saddens me to see Hagia Sophia in this state. A series of unpleasant events happened to its detriment. I see no end to this," he said.

It is recalled that in June, tthe use of a cleaning machine, used inside the monument, resulted in broken marbles on the floor.

Exactly two years after Hagia Sophia was reopened as a Muslim mosque by President Tayyip Erdoğan, vandalism and destruction continue at the UNESCO-listed monument.

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