Tsitsipas triggers Twitter again: "I never realised how short an actual month is until I started paying rent"

Stefanos Tsitsipas

Stefanos Tsitsipas has become known for his enigmatic posts on Twitter . He may not have a specific field to deal with, but usually his thoughts move on philosophical levels.

"I never realised how short an actual month is until I started paying rent," the Greek tennis player wrote this time on Twitter.

Reactions on Twitter were quick to come, with many saying "welcome to our world Stefanos", while others urged him not to talk about such matters due to his strong financial situation.

“I just paid my rent and I'm thinking from now to next month. I'm sure Stefanos will be able to buy a whole house in the meantime,” one wrote.

"If you pay rent, then who owns houses," wonders another.

"Nick Kyrgios probably been living rent free in your head since Wimbledon loss," another user said.

"Why haven't you bought your own house already. You should have at least 2 properties already. A training base in Miami or a hot place and one in a tax haven such as Switzerland or Monaco. You gotta be smart with money when you have it," a fan urged.

"You pay rent ? shouldn’t you have purchased a house or 2 by now," another wrote.

Elsewhere, Nick Kyrgios has openly chosen not to have a coach, but during his games his box is always made up of friends and relatives whom he feels he wants close by for support. Or simply to let off steam, as was evident in last Sunday's Wimbledon final.

If from a purely technical point of view watching him play is a pleasure for the eyes, sometimes it can be an unpleasant experience if instead we consider the purely human-behavioral aspect, as his mother Norlaila tells News.com: "For me it is not a It was a pleasant experience to watch my son's game.

In fact, in the final the only thing I saw was when he entered the court and the draw. At that point I decided to go to sleep. I haven't watched any of his games in the entire tournament. I woke up in the middle of the night and looked at the result, but I was perfectly rested.

For me it is clear that I will not go to see him in a stadium because you do not know what you have to do to prevent him from getting angry, whether to shut up, cheer him on, applaud, get up or sit down."

Nick's brother, Christos Kyrgios, who was not present in the box in the match against Novak Djokovic, also intervened on the matter.

Christos who, unlike his mother, was softer in his judgment: "Being in his box can be an uncomfortable experience, but it wouldn't be Nick if he didn't show his ferocity on the pitch. He tries to keep the intensity high and thinks it's the best way.

For him, shouting at us is a valve to reduce pressure and nerves. He knows we love him and will support him no matter what he tells us, so he lets go and tries to focus through us. We have told him many times that he really needs it and he thinks he helps him, he can tell us and we made it clear that we will always be there, we will not abandon him."

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