Ahmet Mete, controversial 'mufti' among Greek Muslims, dies


Ahmet Mete, who was recognized only by Turkey but not by Greece as the elected mufti for the Muslim population in Greece's Xanthi region, died Thursday at the age of 57

The family did not mention the cause of death, but Mete had been suffering from cancer for several years.

A mufti is a religious official adjudicating on issues of Islamic law. In Greece, the Muslim community is overseen by sharia law on civil law, especially family and succession law, but not criminal law. Sharia has priority even over EU civil law.

Under the 1923 Treaty of Lausanne, the Greek state is responsible for enforcing sharia in the Muslim minority and appointing the muftis. But in a play for influence, Turkey has encouraged Greek Muslims to elect their own muftis in the regional units of Xanthi and Rodopi.

Greece does not recognize the elected muftis.