Anna Vissi's concert was a family affair - Her grandson and sister on stage (VIDEO)

Anna Vissi

The concert given by Anna Vissi at the Alsos Theatre proved to be a family affair.

The popular singer once again excited the audience that was there to listen to her hits and had a surprise in store for them.

As can be seen in the videos circulating on social media, Anna Vissi put almost her entire family on stage.

First, her grandson Nikos, who is currently in Greece with his mother Sofia Karvela, was the first to take the stage for the song "Twelve", while her sister Lia also excited the fans.

This is perhaps one of the concerts that will be unforgettable for Anna Vissi's audience, as the fun was endless, as well as the energy of the singer, who had the pleasure of singing alongside her own family.

Watch video:

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