Iron Maiden's pre-gig video to stir up the fans - "We can't wait to see you all in Athens" (VIDEO)

athens Legacy of the Beast World Tour 2022 iron maiden

Hard rock will shake the Olympic Stadium of Athens on Saturday night as Iron Maiden will give a massive concert.

The legendary band, that has performed for almost half a century and sold more than 100 million albums worldwide, has chosen Greece as one of the stops on their "Legacy of the Beast World Tour 2022".

The drummer Nicko McBrain told the Greek fans with much enthusiasm: "Boys and girls aren't you very lucky. Yes, we are coming to Greece. I think we are playing in Athens, in the Olympic Stadium. That's amazing, isn't it? Beause that's where it all started, isn't it? Boys and girls, listen very, very excited. And I can't wait to see you all. If you haven't bought a ticket yet, why not? Anyway, hopefully you all will be coming to see us. God bless you all, see you soon. Bye."

However, the expectations of the Greek public are high, as most of those who have watched this show so far, speak of the most impressive live show that Iron Maiden has presented in their entire career.

Impressive effects, fires, fireworks and many more surprises surround their program, which includes the biggest hits of their discography, as well as a taste of their latest album entitled "Senjutsu" which, when it was released, climbed to the top of the domestic charts.

Special mention in this tour, as it can be seen from its title, is given to the legendary record "The Number of the Beast" on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of its release.

It is no coincidence that since its release in March 1982, it has been Iron Maiden's most commercial album, with global sales reaching 20 million, but also one of the most loved albums by countless listeners, including many Greeks of every age.

These are the same people who look forward to Saturday night to see their timeless rock idols live and hear the songs that defined an era and continue to rock to this day.

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