Mykonos: Dubai-based real estate magnate spent €100,000 on Dom Pérignon champagnes

Mykonos champagne

There are afternoons on Mykonos when everything is going at a normal pace, but something happens, and everything changes in an instant, just like it happened in Principote for two consecutive days, by the same man who spent so much money.

To be precise, he paid 100,000 euros - 50,000 each day - opening only white Dom Pérignon champagnes in a row to treat friends.


According to Proto Thema, he is a German multi-millionaire, a real estate magnate who lives permanently in Dubai and is on the island to spend part of his summer vacation with his girlfriend.

That afternoon last week, after the meal and when the mood started to rise, he opened only white Dom Pérignon's at a machine-gun pace.

He also started treating other Principote patrons as well.

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After more than two hours, the empty bottles began to pile up, and the final bill amounted to fifty thousand euros, which he casually paid while asking for the same table to be reserved for him the next day.

Fun happened, of course, as it turned out he was in the same mood to have fun and throw another champagne party when his already good mood lifted, once again choosing only Dom Pérignon.

The scene repeated itself, the bill counter stopped at fifty thousand again, and the German businessman left happily, not even bothering with the hundred thousand total he spent on this particular sparkling wine.

The photos of the two days indicate what can happen in Mykonos, a simple July afternoon by a big spender who just got in the mood and decided to set up his own special party.

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