Greek Deputy Asylum Minister appears on web show to inform Pakistanis how to be granted quicker asylum

Greek Deputy Asylum Minister Ioannis Sfirakis

Deputy Minister of Asylum Ioannis Sfirakis appeared on the web show of Pakistani journalist Syed M. Jamil to inform viewers that the procedures for granting asylum have become simpler and faster.

The Stavrofos social media account wrote: “Huge success by the Ministry of Asylum: ‘From the moment someone submits an asylum application, they have access to the labour market and the health system. No one HAS to go to KEP, EFKA or Taxis Net to issue them. They are issued by the Ministry of Asylum immediately.’ Prevention policies🤡”

“The crony of the rulers, a Pakistani ‘journalist’, a member of their union in Greece, also visited Voultepsi and had the audacity to request that law 4251/2014, which legalises illegal migrants after 7 years of stay in the country with a simple document, be 5.

*Syed M.Jamil is the Pakistani who was anointed as the representative of the Pakistani community and ordered to issue a statement on the facts of the Constitution, while he was in Pakistan. One of the many ‘private’ visits made by the ‘journalists’…”

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