New South Melbourne artwork channels Greek Gods

joy to mortals alex knox 1

Hickory has unveiled a new artwork designed by Alexander Knox sitting in the atrium of its new Market Lane development which was designed by Elenberg Fraser in South Melbourne.

The artwork, titled Joy to Mortals, is made of dichroic glass and is suspended above the atrium. It is directly inspired by Greek mythology, the structure illuminates the office building and rounds out the art series at Market Lane.

Knox has carved out a reputation for himself for creating striking and intriguing visuals. His work is featured in various collections including at the National Gallery of Victoria, RMIT University and Arts ACT.

“This was one of those great projects where you have a fantastic site, in the five-story atrium of Hickory’s headquarters and a client that’s prepared to trust you with an ambitious vision,” Knox says.

“I keyed into Greek mythology with an abstraction of Zeus’ destruction of Helios’ Sun Chariot. This mythic event is abstracted into a sun-catching sculpture that uses curved metallic surfaces and dichroic glass to create a constantly changing lighting effect. It’s effectively a hybrid sculpture of the material and the ephemeral.”