Monica Bellucci is vacationing in Paros: "Greece is very close to my culture, I love Greece"

Monica Bellucci in Greece

Monica Bellucci's love for the island of Paros is well known since in recent years it has been one of her choices to spend her summer vacations.

According to a photo uploaded by Soula Glamorous on Instagram, the Italian star has arrived on the island. In the snapshot, she is seen sitting in a restaurant.

See the photo:

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The famous actress often visits Greece, especially in the summer months, with her favourite islands being Mykonos and Paros.

As Monica Bellucci had even stated previously, the actress would like to buy a house in Paros.

"I would love to buy a house in Paros but no, I do not have it yet! I love Greece and it is very close to my culture. So when I’m here, all this Mediterranean mood comes out and I feel so familiar. I love Greece and I love Paros," she said in 2020.

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