The Untold Story of Alexander the Great in Ancient Egypt

Alexander the Great

Everything You Didn't Know About Alexander the Great in Ancient Egypt.

“You must find a kingdom big enough for your ambition, Alexander, my boy, Macedon (Mass-eh-dun) is too small for you!”

It is hard to say if there was any truth in prophecies made by ancient Greek oracles but King Philip the Second must have felt quite prophetic when he allegedly said those words to his son Alexander.

At that time Alexander was only ten, still quite far from the conqueror that he would become in the following years.

It is true that Alexander the Great was one of the world’s most legendary commanders but history is full of them and yet very few have been decorated with titles such as “the Great.”

But what exactly made Alexander great? His martial campaign, his love for knowledge, or his personality?

Today on Nutty History, let’s find out how Alexander earned his reputation as a “great” leader and was he worthy of it?

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