Crete: A €60,000 speedboat sailed unmanned for 4 days from Mykonos

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For more than four days, a 60,000 euro luxury speedboat found in Crete sailed unmanned, without a crew.

According to Nea Kriti, the escort vessel of the luxury yacht was anchored in Ornos, south of Mykonos, when on Friday July 15, the rope with which it was tied was cut, as a result of which it was swept away by the strong north winds that have prevailed in recent days.

Since then it has continued to sail unruly to the south, drifted by the weather. In the early hours of Tuesday, however, its lonely journey came to an end, after he washed up on the coast of Karteros.

The speedboat traveled about 136 miles without running aground or getting caught on reefs. It passed Naxos from the east, traveled between Amorgos and Koufonisia, continued between Santorini and Anafi, just before his final route to the island of Dia and Heraklion.

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If the currents took the boat just a few metres to the west, it would hit the rocks of the Nikos Kazantzakis airport, while if it headed a few hundred metres to the east, it would wash up on the rocks of Mount Kako Oros.

For only about 1.5 miles he was not directly inside the port of Heraklion. From the investigation carried out by the Coast Guard, no traces of recent human presence or cargo transport were found on the vessel.

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