Greek Piraeus in the top 10 best ports in the world 2022

Piraeus Port

The Greek port of Piraeus confidently took its well-deserved place in the top ten best ports in the world in the 2022 ranking, standing out favourably among 43 port cities.

Piraeus ranked 9th internationally in the Xinhua-Baltic ISCD (Δείκτη Ναυτιλιακών Κέντρων Xinhua-Baltic) Shipping Centers Index.

The index is an independent ranking of the world’s largest cities offering port and shipping services, which compares the activities of the leading port cities and maritime centres worldwide.

The ISCD index is based on various indicators, including three main ones: port infrastructure, maritime services and general environmental performance.

And also on 16 indicators to assess the overall performance of 43 port cities worldwide.

A combination of port indicators and factors is considered, such as throughput, as well as draft and length of the container ship berth.