Allium goumenissanum: New onion species discovered in Kilkis

Allium goumenissanum

Bright colours in the range of brown and red, special characteristics and a height not exceeding 60 cm are the essential traits of a new species of plant, which has been identified for the first time in the world at the foot of Paiko Mountain in the region of Kilkis.

It is another example of the richness of the flora in the region, which is part of the onion genus Allium and has been named Allium goumenissanum.

Allium goumenissanum onion

The announcement of the new species was made in the science magazine Phytotaxa, with the scientific name Allium goumenissanum Ioannidis & Tzanoud. sp. nov., and its inclusion both in the Greek and international flora lists.

The first sightings were made in August 2012 and the small robust onion blooms in the autumn, producing some 50-60 red-brown flowers.

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